Solar-Powered Candle Making

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Carbon Neutral Shipping

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We’re Green

Solar Powered Candle Making

Sunbeam Candles runs off a 3,520W solar electric (aka photovoltaic) system built from sixteen 225W SunPower solar panels and one 3.2kW SunPower grid-tie inverter. This system ties directly to the utility grid–no batteries–and generates roughly 10 kWh per day or 3,750 kWh per year of pollution-free electricity. The panels slow Sunbeam’s electric meter on sunny days when our wax melters are running full-tilt–and stops the meter on sunny days when usage isn’t as high. What electricity we don’t make, we buy from companies producing electricity from 100% renewable resources such as wind power and biomass generation. So, all the energy we use at Sunbeam Candles is renewable, guaranteed!

 Carbon Neutral Shipping

We ship all packages “carbon neutral”.  We are contributing to offset the climactic impact of the delivery of each of our packages.  UPS invests in reforestation and other projects that reduce the carbon level in the atmosphere and base their investments  on how much carbon is actually released in the delivery process for each shipment.  This essentially offsets the environmental impact of shipping with Sunbeam Candles. Please go to: www.carbonneutral.com/page/ups to learn more. There is no extra cost to you.   At Sunbeam Candles, we strive to be as green and clean as possible in our everyday business.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • We reuse and recycle wax
  • We wrap our candles in 100% recycled newsprint paper
  • We use 100% post-consumer waste, chlorine-free paper products
  • We reuse and recycle office paper
  • We recycle all cardboard, plastic, plastic bag and paper waste


Sunbeam Candles is located in the countryside west of Ithaca, NY. Since most of us live in town, carpooling saves us gas and money. Helps us feel connected, too.


We compost all organic waste in a homemade bin system outside the shop. The compost is used to grow food and nourish flowers in the gardens around the candle shop.