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Candles for Weddings & Special Events

We offer special pricing and customization–that you can see in our Weddings & Events brochure–which is not available through our online shopping cart. To place an order for your event, call us at 877-227-5140.

Create MemoriesLitTable-600

The soft flickering glow of candlelight is unique—it has the magical effect of creating a warm, inviting setting that lingers in the mind long after your special event is past.

Sunbeam Candles handcrafts a wide range of pillars, tapers, and votives that are perfect for weddings and other special occasions. Create elegant centerpieces with candles that will enhance the environment with their warm glow.

For an added touch, consider gently scenting the room with our special selection of aromatherapy candles crafted with 100% pure essential oils.


Enhance Warmth & AmbianceBrideInAisle-Short-600

Unveil your event’s theme with our custom-colored pillars. Elegant pillars can illuminate your path indoors or out, lighting your aisle, entryway, and steps with their dancing light. A candlelit floor design creates warmth and serenity-an exquisite ambiance for ceremonies.



Honor traditionsWeddingUnityCandles-WithInset-600

Lighting a flame universally symbolizes creation, new beginnings, and rekindling of memories. Candles represent unity, purification, and remembrance.

For weddings, the unity candle ceremony unites the flame of two candles to ignite one eternal flame.

Include the memory of a loved one at your celebration with candles in their honor. Memorial candles hold space for those who have passed, yet are still present in spirit.

Whether creating a new tradition or keeping tradition alive, mark your special moment in time with a candle’s flame.


Give Light


Candles make wonderful gifts for your guests, especially when custom labeled with your design. We offer pure beeswax, non-GMM soy wax, and aromatherapy candles crafted with 100% pure essential oils. All are eco-crafted in small batches.

A candle will remind guests of your special event long after it is over. Give the gift of light to those you care about.



About our candlesTinOnTable-600

Sunbeam candles are crafted from the purest ingredients available. We source all our beeswax and certified non-GMM soy wax from U.S.-based beekeepers and farmers. Our scented candles are crafted with 100% pure essential oils (we never use synthetic fragrances).

We offer our aromatherapy candles in pure beeswax, our own beeswax/soy wax blend, soy wax (in tins), and a paraffin/palm oil blend of waxes. We also offer unscented beeswax and soy wax options. Pure beeswax burns beautifully and emits negative ions. Our beeswax line is extensive and includes hand-dipped tapers, votives, pillars and a variety of specialty shapes.

For the perfect gift, we offer pillars and tins with custom labels.  Please consult our price list to view your custom label options.

About us

Sunbeam Candles is committed to socially responsible, environmentally sound, ethical and sustainable business practices to promote wellness for our customers and employees. Our candle shop is solar-powered. We ship carbon-neutral, compost, recycle, carpool, support local businesses, and are a certified living wage employer. We are professional chandlers who craft our candles with care, using non-toxic ingredients and reducing waste as much as we can. We truly make earth-friendly candles!

We are a small business, which means you get the personal attention you deserve to help you customize your order to your personal tastes. We work with you to insure that your order is crafted to perfection and shipped to your destination on time.

For more information

To find out more about candles for your special occasions, download our Brochure, Price List, and Order Form here. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions or would like to place an order for your event:

Toll-free: 877-227-5140
Fax: 877-227-5142
E-mail: info@sunbeamcandles.com

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